Music by Rick Mercier; Tampa Bay Way album

Music by Rick Mercier; Tampa Bay Way album.

This is music that I wrote and played for a long time.
I have played music in Tampa Bay for over 20 years and
had lots of fun doing it.  My partners were Lucy Ellis (deceased)
and Mary Sanford. Mary and I still do some gigs occasionally with me.

First song I recorded was Tampa Bay Way and also created a karaoke version of the song.
It’s inspiration came from just living and play in Tampa Bay!
I used a Yamaha key board for accompaniment and played my guitar on that.
Everything was recorded using a Fostex multi channel recorder.


Paradise isn’t nice when you work all day!
Inspired by living and working in Tampa Bay, didn’t have much time to enjoy things.


Lost Shoe Blues, This song was inspired by Karen and all her shoes!


Hey Bartender, I works in a lot of clubs and watched drunks hit on many women.
It was pretty obvious that the bartenders weren’t happy with all the drunks.


Sandbar Parties, This song was inspired by friends we met at the old Demer’s Den in
Palm Harbor many years ago. We were out on the party boat and stopped a sandbar
where many people were anchored. We enjoy watching people and all the activity thus the song.


Day Dreaming of you, When your in love and you live in Florida near the Gulf of Mexico
it just happens!


You’ve captured my heart, What can I say.


Where are you now, What can I say, you get your heart captured and then it’s over!


Such a great day, Eventually things get better and your back for another try.


I love you, Yeah

Enjoy the music,

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