Steinhatcee Fiddler Crab Annual Festival

Steinhatchee Fiddler Crab Festival

Steinhatchee FL
Fiddler Crab Festival

1013 Riverside Dr SE, Steinhatchee, FL

Steinhatchee is about a 3 hour ride north from Tampa Bay.
There’s lots to see on the your way up to the Taylor County.

This annual Fiddler Crab Festival is held in February.
More folks attend the festival than you can imagine.
In 2020 there were over 11,000 attendees. 
There are lots of vendors selling food, arts and crafts.

Near the river there is an area for bands and dancing.
If you’re going to enjoy the music bring a chair.
You’ll also want to check the weather.
It rains a lot in Florida and the sun can burn a rock, wear a hat!

This festival is right by the river. 
For more information click; Steinhatchee.

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