Wall Spring Park and the Tree Hugging Tree

Located in Palm Harbor Florida right on the coast. There are 210 acres to explore at Wall Spring Park.
There is a playground there for the kids to play on with a safe rubber floor.
Bathrooms and drinking water are available.
The Pinellas Trail is adjacent to Wall Spring and you can ride your bike on trails in the park.

If you like walking this there is a gem. You’ll find the spring not far from the parking lot.
This spring pours thousands of gallons of water into the Gulf of Mexico every hour.
From the bridge you can watch fish and birds. Make sure you bring your camera.

Short Walks
You can walk further to the west and there you’ll find another bridge and more birds.
Just before you reach the second bridge you can see on the right side of the trail another short trail.

Tree Hugging Tree
It’s down this trail we found a Banyan tree growing around a Palm Tree!
That was a great find, a tree rapped around another.
I guess it’s a tree hugging tree! See pictures of the tree below.

Once you get to the other side of the bridge there is a picnic area.
At the back of this area you’ll find a lookout tower and a pier to checkout.

This is a great place for pictures especially if you’re a birder.

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