Economics of Covid-19 is Bad For You

The economics of Covid-19 is bad for the U.S.A..

1) There are very few test available to the general public.
    That causes more panic.

2) People are storming the grocery stores buying everything they can find.
     This is not smart. None of the supplies are in the local store are in danger of going away.
     Most items in the local grocery store are coming from America. All the shelves will be refilled soon.
     Don’t buy all the toilet paper there will be plenty for everybody. 

3) The supply chain from China is not working. Many parts and items are not being made or shipped.
     This will take months to correct and it will depress the markets globally for a year or more.

4) As companies here in America stop getting there products from China they will have to layoff workers.
    Many of the smaller companies could go bankrupt.
    Once parts start to move again people will not have the money to purchase anything.
    This will take a very long time to fix. It will be as bad or worst than 2008 crash. 

5) All these dominos are going to fall and everyone should prepare for it.

6) Don’t depend on the government they have nothing to offer the people in America.
    They have nearly bankrupted the country with crazy deficits.
    The Fed cutting interest rates means nothing to the average American.
    The cuts are for business but they aren’t going to ask for money because they can sell their products. 
    There will be no market to work with. People need jobs to have money to drive the economy.
    That’s all falling apart fast. Prepare for your family future.

We are all in this together, it will take a village.
Everyone needs to help people with needs in their community. 

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