Covid-19 Testing NOT WORKING

Flying to Los Angeles
My son was on a plan to LA last week (March 4th) and went to the big amusement parks out there.
Then he got sick ran a fever, coughing and chills, Covid-19?

Going Home
Knowing he couldn’t get on a plane he drove  back to San Antonio Texas.
He talked to his doctor in San Antonio and the doctor told him to get tested.
The doctor told him where to go for the test in San Antonio.
There was an area set up with drive by testing in the city near the airport.
He went there to get the test.

He talked to a doctor at the drive by testing place.
They said their only testing medical personnel!
There was no place to go in San Antonio to get tested!

Now he no longer has any symptoms but has decided the best thing to do is
isolate himself for the next 14 days. 

Once again Trump is wrong,
the average person can not get a test for Covid-19!
I believe the Republican lead states have an interest in suppressing the testing.
Because they don’t want people to know how bad the virus has spread.

Good leadership is missing in America.
Please listen to your doctors and the CDC.


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