Coronavirus – Covid-19 has hit Florida

Brooker Creek Preserve

Now all Floridians are having to deal with Covid-19.
This virus is impacting every aspect of life now.
The impact will probably last until a vaccine for Coronavirus is made.
That vaccine might take most of the year.

Here in Tampa Bay schools are now closed until later in the year.
Now everyone with kids at home will have to figure out how their going to deal with that!
You can’t leave young people home alone while you work, that could be very dangerous.

This adjustment that everyone will be making is like our grandparents did during the war.
There will be shortages of everything. We will have to do more with a lot less.
We all will have to help one another get by. It does take a village in-spite of what you heard.

It’s now time to come up with new things to do that are virus safe.

All places where people would normally go are closed.
People need to figure out new things to do with your family that is safe.
Go Out Doors! Start using all the beautiful parks with have here in Tampa Bay.

Look into arts and craft project to do. This is fun and the family will be safe.

Lots of changes coming, get ready.

Rick 3/18/2020

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