Air-Condition the Whole House?

6,000 BTU Frigidaire room air conditioner

We have a central air-conditioner that cools the whole house. But don’t use it. Why cool the whole house while occupying one room. It makes no sense to cool the rooms I’m not in. To stop the craziness, I purchased 6000 BTU Frigidaire room air-conditioners for each room. Now we only cool the room we are in. Now we are saving some money. Our electric bill has come down considerably. Plus, we haven’t compromised our comfort. We are using our tools smarter.

Many of our friends only use their central air conditioning units and their electric bills are very high.
Because we don’t, now we have some extra money each month to buy more pizza!

It’s not always easy to use a room air-conditioner. Folks that live on the upper floors might not be able to put a room air-conditioner in a window. They sell floor model air-conditioners that are easy to use. You only have to put an exhaust hose out the window. They work fine but I’ve found the water condensation can be a problem. You must be aware the water will leak out on to the floor, you’ll need a pan to collect the water.

12,000 BTU Frigidaire room Air conditioner

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